Scott Lee's Family

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Gracey // (Stansbury)
Birth: ABT 1887 Louisiana, USA
Death: (unknown date)
  • Parents
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Unknown father
Unknown mother
Gracey // (Stansbury) (c.1887-?)
  • Family
  • Descendants
Husband and children
Birth: ABT 1872 Louisiana, USA
Death: BEF 1931
Birth: ABT 1903 Louisiana, USA
Death: (unknown date)
Birth: ABT 1905 Louisiana, USA
Death: (unknown date)
Birth: ABT 1908 Louisiana, USA
Death: (unknown date)
Gracey // (Stansbury) (c.1887-?)
│ husb: Tobias Stansbury (c.1872-c.1930)
│   dau: Josephine Stansbury (Brown) (c.1903-?)
│   │ husb: Tyrenus Demas Brown (1898-?)
│   │   dau: Evelyn Ruth Brown (Chastant) (1925-2007)
│   │   │ husb: Harold Paul Chastant Sr (living)
│   │   son: Floyd Ralph Brown (1927-1993)
│   dau: Alberta Standsberry (c.1905-?)
│   son: Allen Stansbury (c.1908-?)
│   son: Robert Standsbury (living)
│   son: Woodrow W Standsbury (living)
│   son: Albert Standsbury (living)
│   dau: Joan A Standsbury (living)