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Samuel Hall Collins
Birth: (unknown date)
Death: (unknown date)
Relationship to Samuel Hall Collins: self
  • Parents
  • Ancestors
Birth: (unknown date)
Death: (unknown date)
┌─Steven W. Collins (?-?)
Samuel Hall Collins (?-?)
│ ┌─Jerry Lee Hall (living)
└─Leanne Hall (Collins) (living)
  │   ┌─Daniel R Dipert (c.1866-?)
  │ ┌─Daniel Robert Dipert Jr (1915-2017)
  │ │ └─Julia (Dipert) (c.1873-?)
  └─Roberta Jean Dipert (Hall) (living)
    │     ┌─Michael Brown (c.1824-?)
    │   ┌─Edward Milton Brown (1853-1932)
    │   │ └─Matilda E Hammons (Brown) (1823-1870)
    │ ┌─William Andrew Brown (1887-1969)
    │ │ │ ┌─Thomas M Weaver (c.1801-?)
    │ │ └─Elizabeth Gabrilla Weaver (Brown) (1858-1922)
    │ │   └─Celah S. Gant (Weaver) (c.1824-?)
    └─Willie Vernelle "Nell" Brown (Dipert) (1918-2013)
      │ ┌─James Monroe MeGee (1858-1924)
      └─Lydia Ludora "Dora" MeGee (Brown) (1886-1980)
        │ ┌─Anderson Eroin Hutto (1827-1910)
        └─Francis Emeline Hutto (MeGee) (1858-1949)
          └─Lydia E Hutto (Hutto) (c.1827-?)
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Samuel Hall Collins (?-?)