Scott Lee's Family

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Stanley Collins Kilburn
  • Parents
  • Ancestors
Unknown father
Unknown mother
Stanley Collins Kilburn (living)
  • Family
  • Descendants
Wife and children
Marriage: 24 Mar 1957 Pulaski, Arkansas, USA
Divorce: 17 Jul 1984 Wake, North Carolina, USA
Stanley Collins Kilburn (living)
│ wife: Mary Francis Brown (Kilburn) (living)
│   dau: Katherine Marie Kilburn (Fabrizio) (Voynow) (living)
│   │ husb: Louis Michael Fabrizio (living)
│   │   dau: Clair Kilburn Frances Fabrizio (living)
│   │   dau: Maria Kilburn Fia Fabrizio (living)
│   │ husb: Jeff Voynow (?-?)
│   dau: Amanda Caroline "Caro" Kilburn (Hase) (living)
│   │ husb: Wolfgang Christof Hase (living)
│   │   dau: Anne Marie Hase (living)