Scott Lee's Family

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Kathy Lee (Debnar)
Birth: (unknown date)
Death: (unknown date)
  • Parents
  • Ancestors
Birth: 3 Dec 1928 Flint, Genesee, Michigan, USA
Death: 29 Aug 2017 Grand Ledge, Eaton, Michigan, USA (age 88 years)
Burial: 1 Sep 2017 Saint Joseph Catholic Cemetery, Lansing, Ingham, Michigan, USA
      ┌─John G. Lee (?-c.1880)
    ┌─George Benjamin Lee Sr. (1864-1934)
    │ └─Elizabeth Huff (Lee) (c.1845-?)
  ┌─Robert Edward Lee (1903-?)
  │ │ ┌─Vincent B. "Bob" Brantley (?-?)
  │ └─Laura Louise Brantley (Lee) (Hanes) (Lumbert) (1869-1938)
  │   │ ┌─Jno W Phillips (?-?)
  │   └─Mary Brown Phillips (Brantley) (1844-1918)
┌─David M. Lee (living)
│ │ ┌─Milo W Randall (?-?)
│ └─Roma Gayle Randall (Lee) (c.1907-?)
│   └─Grace Edgell (Randall) (?-?)
Kathy Lee (Debnar) (?-?)
│ ┌─Leo G Sabourin (c.1894-?)
└─Patricia Ann Sabourin (Lee) (1928-2017)
  └─Orwina M "Vina" Sabourin (Sabourin) (c.1901-?)
  • Family
  • Descendants
Husband and children
Birth: (unknown date)
Death: (unknown date)
Kathy Lee (Debnar) (?-?)
│ husb: Mickey Debnar (?-?)