Scott Lee's Family

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Joel Slocum "Joe" Wilkins
Birth: 2 Jul 1898 Cave City, Arkansas, Independence, Arkansas, USA
Death: 21 Oct 1961 Center Point, Kerr, Texas, USA (age 63 years)
Burial: Center Point Cemetery, Center Point, Kerr, Texas, USA
  • Parents
  • Ancestors
Birth: Feb 1853 Poinsett County, Arkansas, USA
Death: (unknown date)
Birth: Mar 1854 Arkansas, USA
Death: (unknown date)
┌─John Franklin Wilkins (1853-?)
Joel Slocum "Joe" Wilkins (1898-1961)
└─Susan Marget Harral (Wilkins) (1854-?)
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  • Descendants
Wife and children
Birth: 22 Apr 1905 Cave City, Sharp, Arkansas, USA
Death: 21 Aug 1990 Kerr County, Texas, USA (age 85 years)
Marriage: 18 Nov 1923 Independence County, Arkansas, USA
Birth: 8 Sep 1925 Arkansas, USA
Death: 1 Aug 2015 Kerrville, Kerr, Texas, USA (age 89 years)
Burial: Garden of Memories Cemetery, Kerrville, Kerr, Texas, USA
Joel Slocum "Joe" Wilkins (1898-1961)
│ wife: Alpha Leoma Roberson (Wilkins) (1905-1990)
│   dau: Vivian L Wilkins (King) (1925-2015)
│   │ husb: Cullen Haden King (1921-2007)
│   │   son: Paul Ray King (1953-2003)
│   │   │ wife: Susan Jean Hutzler (King) (living)