Scott Lee's Family

This is the family tree of Scott Lee. A more detailed version, with source citations, is available at (an Ancestry account is required, but it is no-cost).

These are the people with the surname Badger:

Albert L Badger (1942-2004)
Amelia Eulena "Evelyn" Badger (Eichhorn) (1909-1995)
Arnold Badger (?-?)
Arnold J Badger (1911-1974)
Beatrice Mary "Bea" Badger (Brushnefski) (1929-2018)
Bernadette J. "Bunny" Badger (Gowett) (Annarumma) () (living)
Bertha Mary Badger (McCarthy) (1915-1960)
Charles Martin Badger (1883-1946)
Chas. J. Badger (?-?)
Dorothy L Badger (Ledwith) (1914-1997)
Earl Lealand "Leon" Badger (1909-1974)
Edith E Badger (Clukey) (1916-1984)
Edward Albert Badger (1920-1992)
Evelyn Bernadette Badger (Saville) (Mathews) (1929-2014)
Florence A Badger (Cooney) (1908-1983)
Frances Badger (Smith) (living)
Fredrick Antwine Badger (1886-1952)
Freida Marie "Freda" Badger (Brooks) (1906-1999)
Gail M Badger (Corron) (1950-2018)
George C Badger (c.1901-?)
Gloria G Badger (Pearsall) (1929-1987)
Hazel Faith Badger (Lee) (1922-1987)
Henry Badger (1888-?)
Jeannette Badger (Mulvihill) (1926-1962)
Joyce Badger (c.1918-1931)
June M Badger (Bedard) (living)
Leda M Badger (Brothers) (1919-2010)
Lena May "Maizie" Badger (Tanner) (Shappy) (Fortini) (1911-2000)
Leon Badger (?-?)
Leona M Badger (Biafore) (1910-1991)
Loyal Frederick Badger (1923-2011)
Margaret G Badger (living)
Margrete Badger (1899-c.1905)
Mary Albina Badger (Lang) (Rumph) (Sagg) (1904-1990)
Napoleon Joseph Badger (1880-1945)
Newell "Noe" Badger Sr (1836-c.1913)
Newell Joseph Badger Jr (1877-1947)
Rita A Badger (Turner) (1924-1974)
Ruth Clare Badger (Ward) (1899-1989)
Theresa M Badger (Turnbull) (1922-2008)
Walter Leo Badger (1913-1958)
William Badger (?-?)