Scott Lee's Family

This is the family tree of Scott Lee. A more detailed version, with source citations, is available at (an Ancestry account is required, but it is no-cost).

These are the people with the surname Blackburn:

Addie Mae Blackburn (1920-2007)
Allen Darrell Blackburn (?-?)
Allen Richard Blackburn (1937-2016)
Alma Blackburn (Langford) (1885-1944)
Alpheus Orman Blackburn (1889-1961)
Arthur Blackburn (1825-1899)
Betty Blackburn (Seal) (?-?)
C Inez Blackburn (Rogers) (living)
Caroline Blackburn (c.1872-?)
Cary Hugh Blackburn (1917-1944)
Cary Hugh Blackburn Jr (1944-2010)
Clark Blackburn (1896-?)
Clement Lonzo Blackburn (1892-1973)
David Blackburn (c.1866-?)
Doris David "Dock" Blackburn (1910-1981)
Elisabeth Blackburn (c.1855-?)
Eliza A Blackburn (1868-1929)
Era Margaret Blackburn (Ezell) (1915-1976)
Erline Blackburn (Berry) (1920-2004)
Eurley Blackburn (1893-?)
Felix Theophlus Blackburn (1885-1943)
Henry C Blackburn (1899-?)
Herschel John Blackburn (1936-1981)
Homer L Blackburn (1916-1981)
Imogene Elizabeth Blackburn (Nichols) (1914-1968)
Ina Mae Blackburn (Idom) (1920-1954)
James Blackburn (1862-?)
James Amos "Jim" Blackburn (1916-1981)
James Darell "Dump" Blackburn (1939-2012)
Jami D Blackburn (Herrington) (?-?)
Janice Ann Blackburn (c.1941-1941)
Jewell Blackburn (Stamper) (1891-1950)
John Benton Blackburn (1884-1942)
John Harold Blackburn (1934-2013)
Lillie V. Blackburn (Vance) (Smith) (1880-1929)
Marcell Blackburn (May) (1928-1951)
Martha Blackburn (c.1859-?)
Mary A Blackburn (living)
Mary Elizabeth "Peggy" Blackburn (Talbot) (1925-1999)
Mary J Blackburn (c.1850-?)
Maxine Evelyn Blackburn (living)
Mildred Louise Blackburn (Butler) (1923-2016)
Mildred Louise Blackburn (Sanders) (1924-2008)
Minton Alpheus Blackburn (1922-1997)
Opal Alleen Blackburn (Cooksey) (living)
Ossie Pearl Blackburn (Henderson) (Reid) (1926-2000)
Pam Blackburn (Torrence) (?-?)
Peggy B Blackburn (1951-1951)
Raymond Robert Blackburn (1906-1970)
Robert A Blackburn (c.1853-?)
Robert Bernard Blackburn (1932-1992)
Robert Jeffery Blackburn (1960-1993)
Robert Lecil Blackburn (1933-2012)
Roxie Dorthey Blackburn (Walker) (1913-2006)
Sarah Blackburn (Vance) (1922-2007)
Sina Drucilla Blackburn (McDonald) (Thomas) (1917-2004)
Susannah Blackburn (c.1858-?)
Terry Lynn Blackburn (Caldwell) (living)
Thomas Jounior Blackburn (1931-1932)
Troy Blackburn (1924-1988)
Virginia Blackburn (living)
William John Blackburn (1852-1935)
William John Blackburn (1928-1984)
William Lester Blackburn Sr (1929-1976)
William Presley "Jack" Blackburn (1909-1995)