Scott Lee's Family

This is the family tree of Scott Lee. A more detailed version, with source citations, is available at (an Ancestry account is required, but it is no-cost).

These are the people with the surname Brown:

Aaron Brown (living)
Adalie Nina Brown (living)
Aleah Nadyne Brown (living)
Alfred Alexander Brown (1849-1909)
Alice Virginia Brown (Allemand) (Weeks) (Justice) (Buse) (1922-2007)
Alister Robert Dechant Brown (?-?)
Alvin Jethrow Brown Jr (1919-1997)
Alvin Jethrow Brown Sr (1883-1958)
Amanda Ann Brown (Wyatt) (1858-1943)
Amos Eugene Brown (1893-1980)
Amy Kathryn Brown (living)
Andrew Jackson Brown Jr (1903-?)
Andrew Jackson Brown Sr (c.1861-?)
Argus Laymon "Mutt" Brown (1914-2001)
Arkie V Brown (c.1898-?)
Artemus Cleophas Brown (1909-?)
Aven C Brown (c.1900-?)
Betty Lou Brown (Cossey) (1932-2009)
Billye Jean Brown (living)
Brittany Ann Brown (living)
Brooke Nichole Brown (living)
Burl Lehman Brown (1915-1964)
Byrtie J. Brown (Hamilton) (1877-1938)
Caleb James Edward Brown (living)
Carl Andrew Brown (1906-1991)
Carol J Brown (living)
Chlotilde Onie Brown (Ordoyne) (1907-2003)
Christopher Lee Brown (living)
Clara Maxine Brown (Linn) (1923-2012)
Clinton Kirby Brown (living)
Courtney Cay Brown (living)
Darl Dean Brown (1915-1975)
Diann Renee Brown (living)
Doris Emaline Brown (Pilgrim) (living)
Dorothy Lee Brown (Lee) (1919-2021)
Doyce Sims Brown (1916-2006)
Doyne DeWitt Brown Sr (1913-1962)
Doyne Dewitt Brown Jr (1944-1999)
Easter A Brown (1895-1952)
Edward Milton Brown (1853-1932)
Elisabeth Lorene Brown (living)
Elizabeth Ann Brown (?-?)
Elma Cornelia Brown (Estes) (1878-1955)
Elsie Brown (living)
Elton T Brown (1936-1989)
Emily V Brown (Ridling) (1891-1936)
Emma Virginia Brown (Berry) (1874-?)
Eunice Brown (c.1881-c.1890)
Evelyn Ruth Brown (Chastant) (1925-2007)
Flossie M. Brown (1911-1997)
Floy M Brown (c.1903-?)
Floyd Ralph Brown (1927-1993)
Gary Michael Brown (living)
Gertrude Kathern Brown (Mixon) (1902-1978)
Gina Lynnette Brown (living)
Grace Brown (Van Horn) (c.1893-?)
Gregory Dean Brown (living)
Hannah Marthia Brown (living)
Harold Eugene Brown (1935-2007)
Hazel L Brown (c.1908-?)
Hettie Irene Brown (living)
Hillary Alice Brown (living)
Howard Delane Brown (1921-2004)
Ila Jewell Brown (1897-1902)
James Baker "Jay" Brown (1957-2016)
James Floyd Brown (1872-1942)
James Tanner Brown (?-c.2015)
James West Brown (c.1879-?)
Janessa Rene Brown (living)
Joe L Brown (1923-2015)
John Ed Brown (1917-2014)
John Edwin Brown (living)
John Homer Brown (1919-2001)
John R Brown (living)
Joseph E Brown (1925-2014)
Joshua Steven Brown (living)
Judith Anne Brown (Wagner) (living)
Julia Ellen Brown (Hensley) (Whetstone) (1957-2006)
Justus Cerenus Brown (1892-?)
Karen Anne Brown (living)
Kayla Joy Brown (living)
Kelsey Elise Brown (living)
Kenneth Dean Brown (living)
Laurel Leslie Brown (living)
Lawrence Joseph Brown (living)
Leann Elizabeth Brown (Gilbreath) (living)
Leonard Manuel Brown (living)
Lloyd Raymond Brown (1919-2001)
Lorah "Lola" Brown (c.1908-?)
Lura Inez Brown (Bradley) (1905-?)
Malcolm Sylvester Brown (1889-1969)
Maldonia Theodocia Brown (Parker) (1854-1931)
Margaret Ann Brown (Greene) (living)
Margaret Loudora Brown (Biggs) (living)
Mark Stephen Brown (living)
Martha "Monie" Brown (Westholz) (1904-1934)
Martha Ann Brown (Giles) (1874-1945)
Marvin A Brown (1882-?)
Mary Elizabeth Brown (Nixon) (1924-2017)
Mary Francis Brown (Kilburn) (living)
Mary R Brown (living)
Masela Pearl Brown (living)
Mattie Brown (c.1880-c.1890)
Mattie Aileen Brown (living)
Maxie Earl Brown (1896-1970)
Melanie Denise Brown (living)
Melvin T Brown (1887-?)
Michael Brown (c.1824-?)
Michael Anthony Brown (living)
Michael Dean Brown (living)
Mildred Theresa Brown (Nicol) (1917-1991)
Minnie I Brown (c.1901-?)
Minnie L. Brown (Bradley) (1870-1940)
Myrtle Leonie Brown (Gray) (1875-1912)
Myrtle Mary Brown (Belcher) (1912-1987)
Nathaniel Joseph Brown (living)
Nodie May Brown (1910-1984)
Ola Burlene Brown (Nichols) (living)
Patricia Lou Brown (Lemmon) (living)
Paul Clayton Brown (living)
Paul Kirby Brown (living)
Paula Frances Brown (Zubiate) (living)
Peggy Doris Brown (living)
Raymond W Brown (living)
Rhoda Brown (Brothers) (c.1866-?)
Richard Earl Brown (living)
Richard Earl Brown II (1998-1998)
Richard Nelson Brown (1936-1991)
Robert Edward Brown (living)
Robert Keith Brown (living)
Robert Lee Brown (1877-1961)
Rosa Alma Brown (Burrows) (1871-1959)
Rosa L Brown (living)
Roselle Marie Brown (Farley) (living)
Russell Ross "Rusty" Brown (1955-2015)
Ryan Michael Brown (living)
Sandra "Sandy" Brown (living)
Sarah Elizabeth Brown (Duck) (living)
Sharon Ann Brown (Rather) (living)
Smith Lee Brown (living)
Stephanie Joyce Brown (living)
Theodore Thaddious Brown (1890-?)
Theophlouis Prince Brown (1888-1943)
Thomas Clayton Brown (1885-1922)
Thomas Watson Brown (living)
Trey Dean Brown (living)
Tyrenus Demas Brown (1898-?)
Virginia Mandane Brown (Blackburn) (c.1859-1905)
Wanda Brown (Houston) (?-?)
Whitney Nicole Brown (living)
William A Brown (c.1847-?)
William Andrew Brown (1887-1969)
William Carthie Brown (1907-1986)
William Dean "Dusty" Brown (living)
Willie Vernelle "Nell" Brown (Dipert) (1918-2013)