Scott Lee's Family

This is the family tree of Scott Lee. A more detailed version, with source citations, is available at (an Ancestry account is required, but it is no-cost).

These are the people with the surname Hutto:

Adline Hutto (1882-?)
Anderson Hutto (c.1876-?)
Anderson Eroin Hutto (1827-1910)
Arlie Hutto (c.1895-?)
Author Irvin Hutto (1889-1963)
Dorothy Lura Hutto (Brown) (1916-2005)
Dovie L Hutto (living)
Elizabeth Jane Hutto (Brown) (1850-1900)
Ellis Q Hutto (1894-?)
Elmer Hutto (c.1874-?)
Emma B Hutto (Brown) (1852-1929)
Ervin Hutto (c.1864-?)
Exie Hutto (living)
Fay Hutto (c.1909-?)
Francis Emeline Hutto (MeGee) (1858-1949)
Helen Hutto (c.1860-?)
Henry Hutto (c.1847-?)
Henry Hutto (c.1902-?)
Henry P. Hutto (c.1870-?)
Herman Hutto (c.1899-?)
Jame Hutto (1885-?)
James Vernon Hutto (1923-1993)
Lester Hutto (c.1907-?)
Lydia E Hutto (Hutto) (c.1827-?)
Martha J Hutto (c.1859-?)
Mary S Hutto (c.1863-?)
Maurice S. Hutto (1925-2009)
Maxine Hutto (living)
Robert R Hutto (1888-?)
Rosanna Hutto (c.1856-?)
Seth Marshall Hutto (1892-1970)
Thomas B Hutto (1879-?)
Vernan Hutto (c.1897-?)
Walter E Hutto (1890-?)
William Hutto (c.1905-?)
William Alexander Hutto (1817-1892)
William H Hutto (1845-1912)
William J Hutto (c.1873-?)