Scott Lee's Family

This is the family tree of Scott Lee. A more detailed version, with source citations, is available at (an Ancestry account is required, but it is no-cost).

These are the people with the surname Smith:

Smith (?-?)
Alma M Smith (1892-?)
Alton E Smith (1892-?)
Anna Cecile Smith (1897-?)
Bobbie Sue Smith (Blackburn) (1935-2018)
Bonnie Mary Smith (Hamilton) (1901-1978)
Catherine Louise Smith (Belcher) (c.1879-?)
Claud R Smith (1888-?)
Claude Eugene Smith (1918-1995)
Earl Smith (c.1903-?)
Edna Smith (living)
Edna M Smith (Anderson) (1884-?)
Gertrude Cora Smith (Badger) (1888-1951)
Glen Smith (?-?)
Gracie M Smith (living)
Gyondal Lafayette Smith (1927-2003)
Harve Horace Smith Sr (c.1887-?)
Horace "Spanky" Smith Jr (1931-1980)
Janet Smith (?-?)
Jennie E Smith (1890-?)
Jettie M Smith (c.1887-?)
John Smith Jr. (c.1904-?)
John E Smith (1861-?)
John P. Smith (1849-1926)
Joseph Smith (?-?)
Joseph A. Smith (c.1876-?)
Kessne Smith (c.1907-?)
L Jerrel Smith (living)
Lesley Gerald Smith (c.1901-?)
Lessie M Smith (living)
Lillian M Smith (Badger) (c.1892-1946)
Lilly Ann Smith (living)
Linda Smith (?-?)
Lydia Smith (c.1909-?)
Mamie Irene Smith (May) (c.1905-?)
Marcella Lela Smith (Langford) (1924-2016)
Margaret T Smith (1899-?)
Margie J Smith (living)
Martha Smith (Coffer) (1872-1939)
Mary Smith (Weaver) (?-?)
Mary L. Smith (?-?)
Mary Vaughn Smith (Richardson) (Lafond) (Barringer) (1933-2007)
McHarley Smith (1893-1953)
Mildred Smith (c.1902-?)
Oscar Loomis Smith Jr (1931-1993)
Oscar Loomis Smith Sr (1912-1949)
Oscar Pinkney Smith (1874-1941)
Paul O Smith (living)
Peggy Smith (?-?)
Percy Eugene "Pete" Smith (1895-1963)
Richard H Smith (living)
Robert B Smith (living)
Robert L Smith (c.1875-?)
Sarah F Smith (Hammand) (1860-1945)
Terry JoAnn Smith (Powers) (living)
Verna Madaline Smith (Brown) (Kendall) (1913-2001)
Virginia Smith (Brown) (1925-1976)
Wanda Lee Smith (living)
William Smith (1857-1926)
William Smith (?-c.1900)
William A Smith (c.1888-?)
William B Smith (living)
William J Smith (1885-?)
William L Smith (living)
William W Smith (1890-?)
Woodley Harold Smith (1919-1991)