Scott Lee's Family

This is the family tree of Scott Lee. A more detailed version, with source citations, is available at (an Ancestry account is required, but it is no-cost).

These are the people with the surname Lee:

Lee (?-?)
Addison Lee (?-?)
Avis H Lee (Brown) (1909-1983)
Betty Jeanne Lee (Throckmorton) (1926-1999)
Birdie Lee (c.1901-?)
Clara Lee (c.1896-?)
Clayton Lee (living)
David Lee (living)
David M. Lee (living)
David Malcolm Lee (living)
Dennis Alan Lee (living)
Dester Lee (c.1899-?)
Ella Rosa Lee (Brantley) (Kloster) (Bishop) (Gilles) (Ridenour) (Uncel) (Monnett) (1888-?)
Florence Edna Lee (Beasley) (1923-1984)
George Benjamin "Jack" Lee III (1917-1995)
George Benjamin Lee Jr. (1890-1948)
George Benjamin Lee Sr. (1864-1934)
Ida Mae Lee (Williams) (1899-1959)
James A Lee (c.1872-?)
Jason Benjamin Lee (1984-2008)
Jeffrey Lee (?-?)
Jennifer Lee (Decker) (?-?)
JoVae Lee (?-?)
John G. Lee (?-c.1880)
Juanita Lee (living)
Kathy Lee (Debnar) (?-?)
Kenneth David Lee (living)
Kevin Patrick Lee (living)
Kristine Lee (?-?)
Louis Lee (?-?)
Madelyn Carol Lee (Toth) (Turner) (living)
Margery Irene Lee (1925-1993)
Mary Elizabeth Lee (Baker) (Swart) (1895-1974)
Michael Edward Lee (living)
Patricia Ann Lee (Combs) (living)
Robert Edward Lee (1903-?)
Rosa E Lee (Fields) (?-?)
Scott Edward Lee (living)
Verlie Lee (c.1905-?)
Vern Edward Lee (1915-1998)
Vivian Karrel Lee (Charton) (Bankster) (living)
William Charles Lee (1893-1949)
William Joseph Lee (1920-1991)